Skirt Rubber Conveyor Belt

Rubber conveyor belts have utilised rubber skirting as the edge sealing material of choice at the loading zones of transfer points. For this application however, the high friction problems that rubber on rubber causes, has seen the need to seek a new technology solution to conveyor skirt material. Skirting rubber is used mainly in the mining industry as a side skirt on conveyor belt systems. It is available in full width slabs up to 1500mm wide and also pre-cut skirting strips. Natural Skirting Rubber is a black natural rubber designed for use as a conveyor skirting or similar application. Note: Skirting rubber can also be supplied in shorter lengths and can be cut to custom width strips as required.

Skirting Rubber Rolls

We supply a large range of the highest quality Skirting Rubber Rolls products sourced from top manufacturers in India. After 20 years experience in the rubber industry, we have been thorough in choosing top of the range products including natural, synthetic, conveyor rubber belt and rubber rolls, rubber skirting, electrical mat and rubber entrance matting. Almir Rubber Mall Pvt. Ltd. products are suitable for all indoor or outdoor uses, for both commercial, industrial and domestic installations. Skirting Rubber Rolls is typically used in chute lining applications where material handling is being performed. Skirting Rubber Rolls is also used in Plow blade, plowblade, snow plows and conveyor belts.

Rubber Skirting Board Flooring

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. skirting board flooring is the ultimate low cost rubber skirting board flooring solution whether you are planning on putting it into your home exercise room or commercial gym. When buying Rubber Sheet flooring and skirting board flooring, we realize that quality is of the utmost importance to our customers. To provide the highest level of comfort possible for the customer when deciding where to purchase their rubber flooring, we feel that our five year warranty on all of our rubber floor products is industry leading and guarantees the quality of our product.

Skirt Board Rubber

Skirtboard Conveyor is compounded specially for holding material on conveyor belting without excessive spillage. It has great advantages over wooden boards, chute lining or worn belting. It is slightly softer than conveyor belting. Skirtboard Rubber will reduce damage to the plow surface, making it the ideal choice for use on residential concrete, parking garages, brick, cobblestone, pavers, or any other uneven surface. We stock a complete line of Skirtboard Rubber products. Application: Skirt Board Rubber is typically used in chute lining applications where material handling is being performed.

Conveyor Belt

We are a manufacturer of high performance belt conveyors packed with innovative design features,positively tracked belts, high torque Interroll drum motors and constructed from modular aluminium profiles. Conveyor Belts are widely applicable in bulk material conveying over long distances, and the main users include cement, steel, mining and other industries.

Pulley Lagging Conveyor

Pulley Lagging is the term used to describe the application of a coating, cover or wearing surface which is sometimes applied to pulley shells. Pulley Lagging is often applied in order to extend the life of the shell by providing a replaceable wearing surface or to improve the friction between the belt and the pulley. Notably drive pulleys are often rubber lagged for exactly this reason. .

PU Conveyor Belts

We are offering PVC & PU Conveyor Belts up to 3000 mm width. The PVC & PU Conveyor Belts have rough top and diamond impressions, ranging from 0.8mm to 5.00 mm. Also, we have a range of PVC & PU Conveyor Belts in 0.8 mm and 1.5 mm thickness. Obviously the PU Conveyor Belts wear resistance - which is far greater than any other plastic or rubber materials - makes it the most prominent candidate for the coating of Conveyor belts for all types of industries. Extremely resilient, this innovative material is now also used for example as the base material of fully implantable artificial hearts.

Conveyor Belts for Food Industry

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. offers a wide range of Thermoplastic polyurethane belts for food processing applications. Industrial food processing and manufacturing is one of the most demanding conveyor belting applications and finding the right material for your application is critical. Some applications include: Cooling tunnel belts, De-panner belts, Infeed belt, Discharge Belt, Forming Line, Nose Bar, Inspection, General Conveying, Packaging and more. We provide a wide range of conveyor belt and related products to fit our customer's needs. We have in stock all types of new and used belt from a variety of manufacturers.

Electrical Mat

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. supply electrical safety matting. General Description: Natural / Synthetic rubber based electrical mat with continuous diamond and corrugated pattern providing safe working from 415 Volt to 33000 Volt equipments. Technical mats for industrial purposes are also available. Technical Data Sheet Product: Electrical Safety Mats - 415 Volt - 33000 Volt ( Working ). We have CLASS A, B, and C ALMIR "JEEVAN SURAKSHA" Electrical Safety Mat.

ISI 15652 MAT

General Description: Natural / Synthetic rubber based electrical mat with continuous diamond and corrugated pattern providing safe working from 415 Volt to 33000 Volt equipments. Technical mats for industrial purposes are also available. The Electrical Safety Mat offered by us can also be customized as per the specifications using superior quality material. It is available in several designs and colors for aesthetic appeal.

Anti Vibration Mounting Pad

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. provide anti-vibration rubber pads and mounts for most noise and vibration reduction circumstances. Our products are manufactured using quality materials such as stainless steel, high-grade nylon polymer, and nitrile rubber. Our product range is extremely diverse, ranging from air suspensions, engine mounts, cab mounts, shock mounts and spherical bearings through to simple rubber buffers, bushes, mouldings and machine leveling feet. Our Anti Vibration Rubber Pads serve consistently for longer period of time. Our anti vibration rubber pads are widely acclaimed by our customers because these rubber pads insulate high frequency vibration and sound. We offer a wide range of anti vibration pads, which can reduce and dampen the vibrations caused by machineries, air-conditioning and refrigeration plants and many others.

Bushings & Grommets

ALMIR RUBBER MALL PVT. LTD. is a recognized leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality rubber grommets and bushings.
Bushings : Rubber bushings are used for a variety of purposes: They can be used as shock absorbers, vibration insulators, abrasion resistors, and as seals for wires, pipes, tubing, and rods. Bushings come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. The Profile Rubber Corporation manufactures custom rubber bushings to most demanding specifications, ensuring that the precise part for a specific job is received.
Grommets : Similar to bushings, rubber grommets are an essential machine component. In addition to limiting wear, many grommets also serve as seals for wires, rods, and pipes that pass through bulkheads, firewalls, and plates.

Anti Vibration Coupling

We are engaged in offering our clients a comprehensive range of Flexible Coupling & Anti Vibration Mountings. These mechanical power transmission couplings are widely appreciated for their rigid structure, metallic high performance and for the proven service excellence all over the world. These Flexible Coupling & Anti Vibration Mountings are engineered based on field and technical expertise to provide the best possible cost effective solution. Our range of Couplings is one of the most versatile, economical and reliable piping systems available. These are the economical choice for large torque and bore applications as well as the choice for limited space installations or high speed applications.

Anti Vibration Bumpers

we are manufacturing and supplying an unparalleled assortment of Anti Vibration Mounting Bumpers. Premium anti-Vibration and vibration damping hemispheres. We have half-hemispheres that range from 9.5mm to 6.5cm is diameter and a wide range of different durometers and coatings. Half-hemispheres are great at isolating vibration because by the nature of their geometry there is less contact between the object being isolated and the structure its resting on. The offered range of bumpers is extensively used in automobiles, marine, generator and diesel engineers to absorb the shock & vibration.